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Extra Income With Dropship Food Supplements

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 Do you wish to increase your monthly income or business turnover and profits margin?

Whether you are an individual looking to make some extra money or a small business owner / web site trader and wish to increase your income, why not sell our high quality vitamin, minerals and herbal food supplements!

We offer many supplement re-seller options for individual traders and companies such as drop ship / drop shipping, prescription service (for health care practitioners including doctors, allergy testing clinics, nutritionists, colon hydrotherapists etc.)

Vistit our Specialist Supplements website for further information on Own Label Products 

If you are interested in operating your own business with a small investment of time and no upfront outlay of monies, then look at this exciting small business opportunity.

When looking for a small business opportunity, look for a product or service that is unique and offers clients benefits, such as natural health products. Have a look at our powerful magnesium peroxide colon cleanser, probiotics, digestive enzymes, candida albicans yeast imbalance combinations and natural drug free menopause formulas for women.

This is a SMALL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY also know as a part time or home based business. Simply advertise our health products / food supplements and earn a commission for every sale you make.

Our drop shipping service is ideal for practitioners or retailers who do not wish to purchase, stock and post off orders themselves.


Not only does our drop-shipping service save you time, it is an ideal method to increase income without any effort, just a little marketing of our specialist health products / supplements range.

Food supplements and herbal remedies are intended to supplement the diet and should not be regarded as a substitute for a varied diet. We only sell food supplements that are backed up scientific evidence. Website or store owners can sell our psyllium seed husk, candida albicans formula, lactobacilli acidophilus probiotics, spirulena based superfoods, constipation formula products etc. Health and longevity are not tied to any single factor but nutrient intake is the key factor to a healthy body.

Visit our website for details on vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements dropshipping service.

Disclaimer: We recommend that you consult with your Doctor before starting any physical exercise, dietary or supplement program. Any information and products obtained from and or given from this web site / organisation should not be taken as medical advice for any reason. The information is not intended to replace advice given by your Doctor. No claim or opinion is intended to be, nor should it be construed to be medical advice. The information and products on our web sites are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease and are not a guide for self diagnosis and/or treatment. We do not accept responsibility for the use or misuse of the information and products.

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Businesses offering blue contact lenses online at cheap rates

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Do you plan to buy contact lenses and care products via Internet at a beneficial fee? Then you could find Internet stores of contact lenses to get your adherent lenses delivered home inexpensively and rapidly. If the customer is already skilled in handling contact lenses and knows what type of lenses fits their individual requirements best, then they could buy their contact lenses and accessories conveniently at one of these German tenderers online shops: blaue Tageslinsen.

The corporation Lensbest has been working in the market since 1995 as a mail order house selling adherent lenses and belongs to the longest active suppliers in this branch of trade. Their Internet shop has been awarded as “Best Online Store 2006″ by the association of German mailorder companies. Having said that the Lenscatcher Ltd. presents an exquisite online shop for contact lenses and lens cleansers and is one of the leading online sellers in Europe, too. This excellent online mail order firm gives a huge cost advantage to their customers.

The seller Lensbest is one of Europes largest mail order companies of adherent lenses and offer their buyers a free of charge helpdesk around the clock as well as expert consultancy by an optician. The shipment of ordered products is often made after 2 working days. At the Internet store of Lensbest one will receive adherent lenses, cleaning products and accessories. Besides the brand Lenscare one could also get other popular brands, such as Bausch & Lomb and Ciba Vision. Ordering adherent lenses via Internet is reasonable for individuals, who already have gained experience with adherent lenses, know their parameters and the best kind of lenses for themselves and therefore do not need further personal help from an oculist. If the customer has collected enough experience and also has the exact data of the adherent lenses on hand, an additional supply at an online shop should be very easy.
A corneal disorder or astigmatism may be corrected with the so-called toric lens. Therefore the vendee also needs the precise complementary data for cylinder and axis. Furthermore, there are cosmetic contact lenses available in various colors which allow the wearer changing the color of their eyes. One may find a German report of Lensbest and Lenscatcher on the following site: preiswerte Kontaktlinsen. Crucial for buying at one of these online companies is to give the accurate parameters of the own contact lenses, that means e.g. the size of the lenses in diopter, the aperture, concavity and moisture content. When having a corneal irregularity, the patient has to know the concerning additional data. If you are not well-versed with contact lenses one must first consult an ophthalmologist and optician.
Dimensionally stable and hard adherent lenses are particularly oxygen diaphanous and swim on the tears film of the eye, which then is better supported with nutrients and oxygen than it was when wearing soft lenses. Therefore they are well adapted for air-conditioned rooms and dry air. The selection between dimensionally stable and soft lenses should be made according to the individual requirements of the wearer. Thereby should be taken into consideration, for instance the frequency and duration of wearing, the surroundings and any tendency of getting dry eyes. If one likes to exercise outdoors, where more dust or dirt can occur, such as track and field athletics or soccer on the hard court, horseback riding or mountain biking, one should tend to soft day-lenses that are littered after singular use.
The information provided here is not intended to diagnose and remedy any disease. We always recommend to ask a doctor for any specific medical problem or before embarking on a health regime of your own.

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Whole Life Insurance Pro And Cons – Easy Methods To Discover It

Before we examine the whole life insurance pros & cons, let us discuss just what a whole life insurance coverage contains. This is the most established form of permanent policy to be found within the market. The benefit of use in addition to its relative stability makes it a preferred option. Whole life insurance is one facet of permanent life insurance. ‘Whole life’ is derived from its length until the dying of the insured once it stays in force. Most often, a whole life coverage would mature at age 100.


One of the pros of a whole life insurance coverage is that it covers the policy-holder’s whole life – no matter what occurs with the policyholder’s health or monetary situation over time, whole life insurance will cover the beneficiaries in the occasion of the policy holder’s death. Whole life insurance also provides cash value that grows with time, unlike term-life insurance which offers only a death benefit throughout a restricted timeframe – term-life only supplies a benefit if the policy holder dies, while whole life insurance provides advantages even if the policyholder lives. Whereas whole life insurance is costlier per dollar of death benefit than term life, it offers benefits in its whole life duration and in its money value investment element.

Whole life insurance delivers benefits to the those that will benefit (who’re left behind when the policy holder passes away) and to the policy holder (who has the flexibleness of managing the coverage’s cash value, taking loans, etc.) while the policyholder continues to be living, which is a big pro for whole life insurance cover. Just as the name states, “whole life insurance” lasts for the policy holder’s entire life-time. So long as all the insurance premiums are paid and the policy stays in place, policy holder’s beneficiaries will be entitled to the complete amount of the insurance policies death benefit. This can be a big benefit over term life insurance cover, which expires after a set period of time. There are a rising number of individuals in their forties and fifties who are starting families – either for the first time or as part of a 2nd marriage – and plenty of of those more mature moms and dads will not be able to meet the criteria for term life coverage. Whole life insurance generally is a worthwhile option for individuals at later phases of their life who find that they need life insurance protection.


One of the cons of whole life insurance is it needs a undeniable level of know-how – it’s more convoluted than term life insurance. People who buy whole life insurance need to make sure they’re aware of the perils and circumstances concerned with their policies. Similar to any investment decision, whole life insurance needs policyholders to know the small print of what they are buying into. Though there are specific dangers concerned with whole life insurance be certain to grasp the premium payment schedule, phrases and conditions for the surrender of the policy, particulars about the best way to apply for the cash value within the event of surrender, etc. Policy-holders who are knowledgeable about their monetary dealings and who are able to read and know their coverage particulars shouldn’t be discouraged.

Yet another con to take into account with whole life insurance is you could not want coverage for life. Most people want life insurance cover protection once they have any debts to pay, or families and loved ones to support. People in their more senior years might not need coverage at a time of their life when youngsters are adult and don’t depend on parents for their financial assistance. Policyholders who need more choices for flexible premium payment schedules, the ability to vary the worth of their death benefit or money value, or who want a wider choice of investment choices should consider different varieties of permanent life insurance equivalent to universal life insurance or variable life insurance. It’s worthwhile to look carefully at all the pros & cons of whole life insurance so you can resolve if it is the proper insurance cover for your circumstances.

You should begin your pursuit now for whole life insurance pro cons in addition to term life vs whole life counsel. Whole Life Insurance R Us additionally specialise in instant whole life insurance online quote information.

Protect The PC From Unsafe Malware

You come across countless ads on the internet. I am confident you are aware that it’s unsafe to click on many ads and popups on the web. However, you may find some extremely appealing pop-ups on the system and feel like clicking on the url given by the ad. What will happen in case you click a destructive advertisement? Well, you open the door of your system for many forms of malevolent software hiding on the web.

Viruses and malware may lead to plenty of complications on the system. They might damage your data files and gain access to information from the computer. The malevolent software can frequently operate calmly in the backdrop and you will not necessarily know about their presence within your computer system unless you encounter serious problems. Moreover, you’ll get annoying pop-ups every now and then and the computer system might turn into a slave of on-line thieves.

You will find many approaches to secure the system from these sorts of malware. You may employ a good anti-virus and antimalware software to get rid of computer viruses, malware, adware, spyware, keyloggers and worms. However, it’s better that you deploy anti-virus and anti-malware prior to being a target of malware. The positive actions can protect your computer.

The antivirus as well as antimalware application may keep an eye on the traffic entering and leaving the computer system. They are going to halt the harmful software as soon as it tries to enter in the system. Consequently, your computer will continue to be safe from harmful software programs.

On the other hand, if your computer has previously become a victim of malevolent software, then you must add an antivirus as well as antimalware at the earliest opportunity. A few computer viruses as well as malware don’t permit you to down load safety applications in the computer. In that case, you could make use of online virus as well as malicious software scanners and removers to get rid of destructive programs.

In the worst case, you will need to format the computer to remove computer viruses. This could be demanding as you’ll suffer a loss of all the files. The data could only be safeguarded by making use of sensible ways of creating back ups. Alternatively, your back up data files will still be corrupted by any computer virus or perhaps a malevolent software.

Apart from utilizing great protection applications, you must be cautious while using your computer system. Never ever obtain data from unidentified web-sites. Do not open up emails as well as mail attachments that are mailed by unidentified people. Don’t click on any kind of unknown link even if you find it quite appealing. Your own secure browsing behavior could save the computer and information.

The end goal is that you should be cautious while utilizing the computer system and internet. This can stop the dangerous strikes of viruses in your computer. Moreover, work with a dependable antivirus as well as anti-malware application to ensure that your system is safe continually. Do not delay in taking correct actions because your system safety is going to be affected if you’re careless in looking after your system properly.

If you want to find out lot more regarding the best antivirus and anti-malware software, then go to trustworthy sites and study testimonials about these kinds of programs.

Get Rid of Cellulite

Getting rid of cellulite can be one of the biggest problem areas and challenges when trying to set up an effective program to reduce cellulite. The problem is somewhat because of the fact that cellulite deposits are at least partially inherited and there is really nothing that you can do about that aspect of cellulite. So if you are asking can you get rid of cellulite then this article should help you.

What you can do to reduce cellulite is get more exercise – especially walking which stimulates the muscles to help remove toxins and excess fatty deposits and use one of the professional cellulite treatment creams that have proven to be effective to help get rid of cellulite. These can help even if your question is how to get rid of cellulite on legs which we all know is one of the most difficult areas.

Cellulite creams can get rid of cellulite fast. You may be wondering how a simple cream can work to eliminate cellulite. The answer, while scientifically complex, is actually rather easily explained. The best cellulite creams use a few key ingredients which work to eliminate cellulite in several ways. They attack the fatty formations and help the body to burn them off quickly by increasing greater lipolysis, burning free fatty acids. They also inhibit the cells that typically store the fat and don’t allow them to store any new cellulite. Finally, they work to slow down the cells that the fat attaches to, inhibiting them as well. When you combine all of this together you have a powerful cellulite elimination formula that is both scientifically and clinically proven to be successful in helping you get rid of cellulite.

If you are troubled with cellulite and you think that you have tried everything to get rid of this cellulite problem, think again. The best kept celebrity secret of today is not just eating right and working out to minimize the impact of cellulite on the body-in reality many celebrities are now adding one more important item to their daily fat burning routines: cellulite removal creams. You should probably do some research to find the best cellulite creams as some are much better than others.


Tour the Comanche Nation Water Park in Lawton and Oklahoma Attractions

There are a variety of attractions to see and do while visiting Oklahoma! So explore out the fun and exciting Oklahoma attractions while you travel in our vast state! Whether you enjoy – urban centers, mountains, nature, or water, the State of Oklahoma provides incredible diversity of tourist attractions and events. Everyone can discover the perfect opportunity to slow down and getaway from the hectic schedule of life.

Tour Idea #1: Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve – in 1925 an oilman names Frank Phillips decided to build a retreat in Northeastern Oklahoma. This ranch encompasses 3,700 acres where it is a wildlife preserve for many different species of native and exotic wildlife. There are buffalo, elk and longhorn cattle. On the land is also a museum showcasing a wonderful collection of western art and artifacts. Included in the displays are Native American material, one of the best collections of Colt firearms in the world and many other items. There is a nature trail and two living history areas for you to experience the natural environment of Woolaroc. There is the pre-Civil War 1840’s mountain man camp and an early-day oil lease.

As well as the traditional Oklahoma tourist attractions, there are a variety of other exciting things to experience and do. Do you enjoy fishing when you were a child? You can camp and have an outdoor fun adventure. Located within just a short drive, you can experience a variety of attractions and natural wonders. Explore the native wonders of the state and experience the outdoors. Whether it is exploring the historical trails or boating or hiking, there are experiences for every member. Here are simply a few of the attractions you can enjoy, for more ideas, check out this Oklahoma attractions video.

Tour Idea #2: Nescatunga Arts Festival – Alva, Oklahoma. This festival brings people from all over the region to see the crafts and art work of the area usually the first week in June. They all gather on the downtown square showcasing their oils, acrylics, water colors, sculpture, pastels, photography, jewelry, pottery, weaving and much more art. There are crafts such as basketry, clothing, ceramics, furniture, decorative items along with blacksmithing demonstrations and quilting demonstrations for you to enjoy.

Balancing the unusual attractions with the more traditional attractions will organize a remarkable family vacation escape. To create the most of your family vacation getaway, you may want to consider one of the many vacation packages or tours. Most vacation packages include transporation, hotels, and car rentals or include a guided tour. Many packages include sports or museum tickets, so you can find packages interesting to everyone. If you are interested in antiques and education, there are various cultural and historical attractions, along with museums of all types of themes.

You can save costs by following online tour guides. Most guides will detail the various attractions. Professional guides will include more detail than simply a short snippet or sentence. Enjoy your time and discover everything about your Oklahoma vacations. Enjoy your vacation escape and experience the chance to create family memories that will last a lifetime.

Choosing Low-Fat Meat

Meat is a necessary part of a healthy and balanced diet, as it has protein and other vital minerals our body needs in order to be healthy. But some meat also has unwanted cholesterol and fats, and eating meat with these elements can clog our body with wastes and add inches to your waistline.

So here are some tips on how to select low-fat meat:

1. Read the labels carefully. Look for labels like “reduced fat” or “lean cut.” Many meat manufacturers and/or butchers have already trimmed unwanted fats, which can make it a lot easier for you to choose healthier cuts.

2. Select cuts of meat that have less fat naturally. For beef, great choices include beef sirloin, beef tenderloin, and whole chuck or round. Healthier choices for chicken are always the white meat and skinless. Low-fat choices for pork are loin chops, leg pieces, and pork tenderloin.

3. As much as possible, avoid pre-ground meat. Many manufacturers of meat include parts of meat from sections of the animal that contain more fat, because they are relatively cheaper. This quickly adds more unwanted fat to your diet than you wanted. When purchasing ground meat, choose a whole piece of lean pork, chicken, or beef and ask a butcher to grind it right away for you, where you can see it.

4. Instead of buying ground lean meat, consider ground chicken white breast or turkey. These contain low fat and could make a healthier meal at a fraction of the cholesterol content.

5. Instead of beef or pork, consider deer meat. It is a little gamier in flavour, but it has less fat and cholesterol, making it a good choice for a healthier meal.

6. Purchase steaks which are labeled “select” or “choice” when you like the occasional indulgence. The cuts which are labeled “prime” have more fat.

7. Prior to preparing your meat for cooking, slice off any visible fat using a knife. You could further trim even the leanest cuts of meat from the butcher.

8. Make sure you remove the skin of chicken or turkey before serving. Cooking turkey or chicken with the skin on is okay as it adds good flavour, but before eating, the skin must be taken off, for a healthier meal.

9. Reduce portion sizes. The standard protein serving for each meal if equal to 85 grams or three ounces, or approximately the size of a deck of cards. Keeping your portion sizes to this measurements will help avoid overeating

10. Before serving ground meat, drain to remove fatty liquid it has been cooked in. Before mixing ground meat with other ingredients or stirring it, strain through a colander, then run it under hot water.

To buy quality, fresh, low fat meat cuts, check out McLoughlin Butchers by clicking on the provided link.



Roasting in the Jungle Heat


It was a hot night in the Colombian jungle. We were spending the night in the Colombian emerald mining zone at the La Pita mining camp near Maripi. An emerald broker from Muzo had taken me there to show me the operations as a part of my training.

The complex has rooms in a sort of a timeshare type arrangement where relatively successful miners and brokers stay when they come to the mining zone. Up on a hill overlooking the “hotel” was a hacienda where the camp manager lived.

Initially I was in a shared room with another miner, it was kind of like an extended stay hotel room with kitchenette, bathroom, and air conditioning. For reasons that were never explained to me, I was moved out of the “hotel” and up to a private room in the hacienda.

Unfortunately, this room lacked any of the modern conveniences of the timeshare rooms and the heat was absolutely unbearable. All I had for cooling was an old worn out floor fan. In this heat it made little difference, it barely worked and made a terrible racket. I really could not sleep with all the noise it made. I found myself wishing I had brought along the small desktop fan I had purchased from I bought the desktop fan shortly before leaving for Colombia but the shipping was too slow to get it to me in time for the trip.

I ended up virtually roasting at night without the benefit of any kind of fan for cooling off. The room I was in was up on the second floor and thus doubly hot as the heat tended to rise and collect in the poorly insulated old house.I don’t plan on ever returning to the Colombian jungle, but if I should ever find myself having to do so, I’ll be sure to bring my own fan, life without it there would be unbearable.


Keyboard For Beginners

Asides from buying the right keyboard , learning the ropes and improving your skills are the most important things to do.

Classes that involve keyboard for beginners would include an introduction to reading and understanding the keys, chords and how to read musical notes. The keyboard is unlike any other instrument and sounds wonderful on its own or as part of a larger group. The intense sound of a keyboard is one that captivates audiences with power or soothes them with serenity.

When learning keyboard for beginners, it’s important for hopefuls to select the best instructor by evaluating his/her experience, educational background and accomplishments. The most commonly sought instructors will possess some type of music degree or an equivalent amount of musical experience.

A potential instructor should be interviewed regarding their history in music, fee requirements, length of classes, policy on missed sessions, etc. If the learner’s schedule is particularly hectic, he/she may wish to enlist the help of a private tutor as opposed to a group instructor. Music lessons offered in a group will be scheduled by the instructor and will be less flexible toward each individual learner’s schedule.

For example, a private tutor will have a more flexible schedule and may be willing to work around that of the learner’s daily routine. Whereas group classes are often held at the same time on a certain night, or nights, each week, a private tutor can be scheduled at any time during the day or evening without having to abide by a preset schedule. Internet courses, on the other hand, offer learners with the option of learning keyboard for beginners in the comfort of their own home at any time during the day or night. After all, where else could you learn keyboard in your pajamas?

Perhaps that most fun way to learn the keyboard for beginners is to just start playing. Some of the world’s most famous musicians are self-taught, so don’t be afraid to go solo until you get comfortable with the keys and each of their unique sounds.

Computer Hardware Tips And Software Industry

This article focuses on computer hardware and some tips on buying hardware. If you are interested in software programming of computers using dotnet then similar articles on wcf overview and programming can be found on

You must have come across one or two in your time – computer hardware websites where they tell you all about the computer counterparts. You can log on whenever you need to update your cerebral banks, and Lord knows you need to do that often enough.

Some computer hardware enter information into the system, and others help you to get information out. You may have known this at the back of your mind somewhere, but I’d bet you never really thought of it that way. And you say you know your computer hardware…

Computer hardware, even the best of them, often come with a few faults. You need to decide at the point of purchase if the faults are things you can work with or if they are not. Let that be the reason you buy or not.

There are pitfalls and red flags either way you choose to go, especially with computer hardware. You need to know what they are so that you can navigate around them as you make your purchases. Totally why you must learn about them, I’d say.

The hardware of a computer are the working parts – the parts that you see. Just as there are knockoffs of everything good, there are knockoffs for computer hardware as well. I like to take my time seeking out the best that I can lay my hands upon.

After becoming a hardware guru, your next step to IT stardom should be in the multi-billion dollar software industry. Check out the articles and dotnet tools here to start getting those coding and software skills.