Planning to Invest in Gold? Know the Best Place to Buy Gold

One of the basic things you need to know when you plan to invest in precious metals is to know the best place to buy gold. After all, not all of us have gold bullions and gold coins stacked up in our basements. Not all of us are even born with silver spoons in our mouths. For these exact same reasons, we find it wise to invest early and invest properly in precious metals such as gold and silver.

If you are suddenly inspired to be more financially wise this 2013, one of the things you ought to think about is to how to gain more assets. And with real assets that mean something in our time today, we do not think of paper currency or even of the usual stocks and bonds. After all, these past years have proven that even our hard-earned traditional investments in these forms can all end up as crap. With the ever-powerful inflation, years of hard work and savings can all end up without use and with much less value. This is something we do not want to experience starting this year. For smart individuals, gold is the thing to invest in. Thus, it becomes necessary to find out the best place to buy gold so you can fully launch your smart investment of the modern times.

Many claim to know best place to buy gold. Some buy gold from dealers they have recently met. Here is where the problem is. You come across scammers and frauds. The next thing you know, he or she has run away with your money. Others claim that the best place to buy gold is from people they know. While this can be effective in some level, it is still best to acquire gold for investment from well established companies. One good company to trust is Regal Assets. This company is considered as one of the most trustworthy gold firms around today. It is like setting your investment plan towards the right direction.

By knowing your options, you give yourself levels of protection that you do not get from other sources. For instance, you can be assured that the gold bullions or coins you purchase are real and appraised right. In any kind of purchase, you would not want to buy something that is overpriced. By purchasing from a trustworthy source, you do not need to worry if you have indeed bought with the best price around.

Once you are well informed on where to buy gold, you can be on your way to smart investing. With gold investment, you can be assured that you are protected from inflation and its effects. You can see yourself standing on solid ground without any chance of giving in at the slightest economic or political movement. By maximizing what the best place to buy gold offers, you can place your hard-earned money where it should be – on something that can give you gains and profits over the years.

By going for one of the better precious metal dealers such as Regal Assets, even a newcomer to this form of investment is given all the necessary guidance. If you feel as if you need to learn more about gold investments or of how other investment forms are quite rocky, then you can also expect to get guidance as well as updated information. For instance, Regal Assets has real time gold pricing charts that can help you check how your investments are tracking. Aside from being the best place to buy gold, Regal Assets also give you actual dependable customer support with the live chats with gold investment professionals before, during and after your investment process.

These, among many other, are the best reasons why you should choose to start your future in gold investment only from the best place to buy gold like Regal Assets.

best place to buy gold

What is the Difference between 18k and 24k Gold Price?

To begin, what is a karat? The karat is the unit of measurement that is used to describe the amount of gold that is within an alloy. 24 karat gold is made up of 99.9 percent gold, whereas 18 karat gold is only 75 percent. The 24k gold price will always be higher than 18k due to the percentage of gold that it contains.

There are a few different types of gold. Yellow gold generally has a higher karat number and contains gold only. White gold may contain silver, platinum or palladium. As a general rule it is also plated in rhodium. Rose gold is the third choice available and it is created when gold and copper are combined, to give it a rose colored hue. Rose gold is also normally made with 18 karat gold so in terms of value you will notice that yellow gold is the most expensive, followed by white gold and rose gold brings up the rear.

Gold prices are important because there are people who invest in gold bullion. Gold bullion is a term which describes the product that is left when gold has been refined and then converted from a scrap product to one that can be traded. Gold historically has held its value well so it is in demand as a product that can be bought and sold. The 24k gold price becomes important here also as you will receive a better return for this gold scrap than you will for the 18k. However, bear in mind that whoever buys the product to scrap it will not pay market value as they will deduct a percentage to cover the cost of the work they need to put in to melt the gold down.

If you are interested in learning more about the current market and the price of bullion then eBay is a great website to watch. You can keep track of auctions that are currently occurring for bullion bars and see how much they are selling for.

The 24 karat gold price will always be higher than that of the 18 karat because of the higher percentage of the valuable metal that it contains. Gold prices are calculated on the metal’s purity so if the item is going to be melted down for reuse, 24 karat will have a higher purity component than 18 karat.

Occasionally, however, the 24k gold price is less than the 18k. This is because the 18 karat gold has been mixed with platinum. Platinum is worth four times the cost of gold so anything that it is combined with will automatically increase in value. There are times when 18 karat gold is also used in artistic pieces. In these circumstances it will be worth more than 24 karat gold as the integrity and value of the piece is based more than on just the raw materials used alone.

If you want to find out the current 24k gold price there are a number of options open to you. The closest source of information will be a local pawn store, coin shop of jewelry shop. The owners of these establishments will know the current rate per ounce and will be able to provide this information to you. Next, divide the karat of the product by the purest karat currently marketable which is 24. Once you have that result you can multiply that number by the price per ounce. As an example, if you own an 18 karat necklace that weights 1 ounce and the price per ounce is currently $30 you would divide 18k by 24 and then multiply that answer by 30. This gives you the price per ounce of that 18 karat necklace which is $22.50.

Gold as the Most Precious Metal of All

most precious metalGold has always been considered as the most precious metal of all. As a matter of fact, gold has a special place in the heart of the society. Gold is used for various purposes in various places. For example, as being the most precious metal, gold is present in works of art, coins, ornaments and jewelries.

Gold is obtained from little grains that reside in the middle of rocks and other deposits of alluvium. As the most precious metal, gold has a definite brightness and shine, and its composition is soft yet dense. It can be melted without causing a rupture and gold is also a very good electric conductor. Other than that, the color of gold which is yellow and sparkling bright makes the metal becomes more attractive and valuable. Gold is resistant to air and water, thus it can last for centuries especially when gold is used to make coins, ornaments and jewelries. As the most precious metal, you may find several characteristics of gold as mentioned below.

The most precious metal, i.e. gold is recognized with its chemical term ‘Au’. It comes with an atomic number which is 79, and gold is categorized as a type of transition metal. Gold weighs about 196 g.mol-1. When gold is at room temperature, its composition equals to about 19 When it is in a liquidized form, it weighs around 17.3 Gold starts to melt when the temperature reaches around 1064°C, and it starts to boil when the temperatures reaches 2856°C.

This most precious metal is called gold in reference to its initial term ‘geolu’, a word used in old English Anglo-Saxon era. ‘Geolu’ is similar to ‘yellow’. Its scientific term ‘Au’ was derived from the word ‘aurum’ which is a Latin word that brings the meaning of gold. Nobody knew when gold was found in the first place. Some people tend to refer to 1848 where gold was first found in California. However, due to ancient studies it was found that this most precious metal has been used widely in the eras of Egyptians up to the South Americans.

As being the most precious metal, gold is perceived with a high value and it depicts wealth. Gold is widely used in the making of coinage, apart from copper and silver. Gold has also been used as currency exchange, and it is measured with grams and troy weight. If a person buys a gold jewelry, then the content of gold in it is measured with carat. A jewelry with 24 carats means it contains pure gold.

The price of this most precious metal is usually identified through its current market price and trading activities. However, the actual price of gold is regulated by the London Gold Fix twice a day. The fixing of price is done twice daily in order to provide convenience to the market in the U.S. due to its different operating hours. Some of the parties involved in the determining of the price of gold as the most precious metal are the Nova Scotia Bank, the Deutsche Bank (London), and Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited.

Buying Gold bullion soon? All you need to Know About Gold Bullion Price

gold bullionThere once was a time when the only gold you could buy was in the form of enormous 450 ounce gold bars, however, all thanks to the major developments in technology and science, you can buy gold in various forms including coins and bars. Still, not many people are aware of how much it costs to buy a kilogram of gold and often end up getting ripped off. It is because of this that you need to know more about gold bullion price. In the following read, you will get to know more about what gold bullion is and its price in the market.

First off, gold bullion simply refers to gold bars of various sizes and weights. These bars usually have their weights stamped on them. So what is all the hype on gold bullions about? Well, the meltdown in the euro zone debt crisis and the strife in the middle east actually points out to a brewing financial storm in the near future. With this in mind, majority of business owners and cooperate companies are opting to invest in gold with the sole aim of diversifying their portfolio and most importantly, buffering themselves from the diverse effects of inflation/deflation.

Back to the pricing of gold bullion, all gold when bought will come at the market price and a premium on top of it. This means that you can not buy it at the market price alone. The premium cost comes as result of fabricating, refining and shipment costs. The premium is always changing thus the non standard cost for gold bullion. However, buying gold bullion gets much cheaper in that the cost for refining and fabricating gold coins is usually higher. Plus, buying gold bullion puts you at a better front for reselling the whole bulk at considerably higher price than the gold coins.

It is important to note that not every dealer will be as honest about the prices as the next. For this matter you might want to look for a reliable dealer who will be able to sell you the gold bullion at a fair price. A thorough search on the internet might be able to land you such a dealer. So what is the price of gold bullion?

Still, just like any other precious metal, the price of gold bullion often gets affected by a number of factors. For one, the monetary policies set by the central bank will most certainly affect the price of gold bullion in that the higher the interest rates the higher the price for gold bullion. On the other hand, the volatile nature of currencies often tends to drive investors in to buying more gold bullion since it is a more stable form of investment.

Either way, apart from the monetary policies and world economic state, the Federal Open Market Committee which holds its meeting on the 12 of every December plays quite a great role in determining the gold bullion price. With current expectations from the financial analysts it looks like the price of gold might actually soar after the FOMC meeting on the 12th giving you even more reasons to start buying the gold bullion now.

Is Gold a Good Investment? Know the Details

is gold a good investmentIs gold a good investment? Well, anyone looking to make a wise investment decision has at one time or the other asked himself or herself this question. Living in an era where the world’s economy is at its worst, it gets quite understandable for one to start researching deeply before making any investment decisions. In the following read, you are provided with detailed yet interesting information about investing in gold and the pros and cons involved, read on for the full details.

To start off, investing in gold secures you from what every investor dreads; inflation. In fact, investing in gold actually means that the higher the inflation rate the higher the price of gold. Looking at the current economic state what with the mammoth trade deficit and ever soaring oil prices, it would be safe to conclude that the worst inflationary storm is slowly brewing. It therefore goes unsaid that investing in gold would be one of the perfect ways to ensure that you gain the most returns from your investment.

Other than acting as a hedge against inflation, investing in gold also diversifies your wealth. When making an investment decision, you want to settle for something that protects your investments in the financial and stock market. The best way to do this is usually to invest in gold which is negatively or rather weak in correlation to the stock market. This way, whenever the value of the dollar drops down you have your gold to hold you in place.

Over the years, the value of gold has been rising steadily giving even more reasons to invest in it. However, as more and more countries begin to realize the benefits of investing in gold, there is an expected increase in demand from countries such as China and the Islamic nations which are turning to gold as a means of solving their financial catastrophes. It is this speculated future rise in demand that should prompt you to invest in gold. Besides, unlike paper money, you never have to worry about losing your investment in a market collapse or worse yet accounting scandals.

If you are looking for an investment option that provides you with little or no risks at all, gold fits the bill pretty well. Given the fact that the value of gold is always rising either because of inflation or an increased demand in oil and minerals, you never have to worry about a fall in its value. Compared to investing in equity, gold offers a low-risk investment opportunity with potentially high returns.

Still, on the same note, it is not all flowers and rainbows for gold investors, there are some few cons that you should be aware of. For instance, investing in gold alone for short term purposes is not one of the best ideas. Instead, gold is best used for diversifying your portfolio. As you can see above, the advantages of investing in gold are based on speculative scenarios that often take a long period of time hence making gold unsuitable for short term investments.

On the other hand, while majority of people often admire the thought of owning gold, they often forget about the storage. Gold would require you to spend quite a fortune on a secure and strong safe for your precious investment. This can come of as costly especially if you do not plan spending on much. However, you always have the option of hiring a safe at the bank for your gold not only is this less costly but it s also much safer.

So you have been storing your gold for quite some time now and you think now is the best time to sell it off so to get good returns. Where do you sell it? At what price? This is one of the most common problems that gold investors tend to experience. Given that there is very little information about the selling and buying of gold and more importantly how to calculate your gold’s worth, most investors often end up with less than they should have received. Since gold does not have its worth printed on it, you could face some hard times getting the exact worth of your gold. However, with the internet as your platform, there is nothing you can not find. In addition, you could always consult a professional to help you out.

From the above information, it is quite clear that investing in gold is one of the best ways to secure your wealth. However, you should not be led in to thinking that gold investment is only for the rich; you can invest in it cheaply by buying gold jewelry or gold bullion at the pawn shop. Hopefully, this article will help you answer the question “Is gold a good investment”.


A Promising Future for Gold Industry

gold prices todayGold prices today seem to be doing well as compared to previous years. Experts on the gold market have predicted that gold price will become more favourable over the coming years, especially for those interested to enter the world of gold.

Current Pricing of Gold

The value of gold started this year is a bit low at $1530 per ounce. But apparently, this is higher as compared to the previous price of gold. Gold trading in the year 2011 stagnated at $1400 per ounce, and clearly, it has dramatically increased by 12% in the year 2012. Upon entry of the second half of 2012, the value of gold has consistently increased. As of September and October, the price has blown to $1,747 per ounce. And basing from the trend of gold pricing, it is expected that the price of gold for November and December 2012 will continue to hold its value as these months are known to be peak seasons, thus increasing the demand for gold jewelleries. The forecasted value of gold for the year end of 2012 is estimated to reach up to $1,731.

Forecasted Value of Gold for 2013

Experts in the pattern of gold price strongly believe that gold holds a good future for the upcoming year, particularly in the year 2013. Although the first quarter of the year does not promise a dramatic increase in the value of gold, the estimated price for gold is still higher than the previous months of 2012. For the first three months of 2013, experts estimated that the price of gold can start from as low $1,715 and can reach up to $1,761 per ounce. This news is particularly beneficial for interested investors, as they are after the long term view of gold status. Although these forecasts are not guaranteed to be accurate, these are all based on certain drivers that influence the trend in gold pricing, particularly the law for supply and demand, as well as the changes in the sectors of gold industry. Basing from the law of demand, it is expected that the second half of 2013 will pose a higher value for gold products as these months are known to have the highest gold demand, particularly in the months of November and December.

Potential for Successful Investment

Despite the continuous decline in stock market, analysts strongly hold on to the fact that gold industry will continue to hold a stable progress for the upcoming years. Interested investors of gold should not be discouraged on the frequent dips in the market, as it is far from affecting the gold industry. Surprisingly, gold price has a stable market of its known. Thanks to the continued support of people to its industry. Moreover, today is the right time for you to invest on gold because patterns shows that dip in market will barely affect gold value, but run-ups on economy will surely create a big impact on your gold investment. Gold alone has the ability to produce this kind of profit to its investors.
With the consistent betterment of gold prices today, there is no doubt that it will continue to produce great result, not only to investors but more importantly, in maintaining the stability of gold industry.

Gold Investing

24k gold priceCompared with other precious metals, gold is the most popular for investment because of its prices such as 24k gold price. It is generally bought by investors as a harbor or hedge against crises in the political, economic or social fiat currency. Social fiat currency may include currency failure, investment market declines, war and social unrest, burgeoning national debt and inflation.

Just like other markets, the gold market is usually subject to speculation. This is mainly through using of derivatives and futures contracts. Gold tends to behave more like a currency than a commodity because of the history of the standards of gold, gold pricing in relation of the fiat currency during the recent global recession, the low correlation of gold to prices of other commodities and the role of gold reserves in central banking.

Gold as a currency

Throughout its history, gold has been used as currency and until recent times has been a relative standard for equivalents of currency specific to countries or economic regions. It is in the later part of the 19th century that majority of countries in Europe executed standards of gold. The standards were used until they were suspended temporarily due to the financial crises that were there in the 1910′s. The Swiss franc was the last currency to be separated from gold.

Gold price

Since 1919, the most common standard for gold prices has been a twice-daily telephone representatives from five firms of the London bullion market that trade bullion, known as London gold fixing. Trading of gold continuously takes place throughout the world on the basis of the intra-day spot price which is obtained from gold-trading markets all over the world that use the over-the-counter method.

Over the years, the prices of gold have kept going up because of financial uncertainty across the world. The gold prices today are influenced by various factors including:

Demand and supply

Unlike many other commodities, the saving and disposal of gold does influence its price rather than consumption. Much of the gold that has been mined is able to come back onto the market for an appropriate price because it is still in an accessible state such as jewelry and bullion. Because of the large amount of gold stored above the surface compared to its production in a year, gold price is influenced by demand or sentiment changes instead of changes in supply or its annual production.

Central banks

Generally, central banks do not announce purchase of gold in advance but others like that of Russia have stated an interest in increasing their reserves of gold. The central bank of china expressed an interest in looking for ways for improvement of its official reserves’ returns. Interest rates are generally closely associated with gold price. Gold price will rise as interest rates go down and it will drop when they go up. The prices of gold can thus be correlated closely to central banks through the decisions of monetary policy they make. Though indirectly, central banks will influence the gold price including the 24k gold price.

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